Ardell Weekly Highlights

Ardell Weekly PR Highlights 03/09/18

This week’s press garnered a total of 71,544,835 impressions!


Cosmopolitan – October 2018

Product: DUO Adhesive

Impressions: 9,140,301

Us Weekly – September 2018

Product: Ardell Wispies

Impressions: 5,968,476

ONLINE– August 31, 2018

Product: Demi Wispies

Impressions: 3,519,675 – September 5, 2018

Product: Demi Wispies

Impressions: 16,258,057 – September 4, 2018

Product: Faux Mink Multi-Layering Mascara

Impressions: 3,804,265 – September 6, 2018

Product: DUO Adhesive

Impressions: 6,599,310 – September 6, 2018

Product: DUO Adhesive

Impressions: 10,030,975– August 31, 2018

Product: Demi Wispies

Impressions: 10,030,975


InstagramStory/MakeupByMario – September 6, 2018

Product: Demi Wispies & DUO Quick Set

Impressions: 5,368,027

InstagramStory/Marianna_Hewitt – September 6, 2018

Product: Individuals

Impressions: 824,774

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